About Us

V.G.M. Lda – Turning and milling Components was established in 2006, is a company positioned in the market that has the technical experience of the Metalworking  with 35 years of experience.

Aware of the market needs  V.G.M. arises in order to provide Business, Workshops and Industry repair options that do not pass by the merereplacement parts, sometimes leading to repairs with high costs.

The V.G.M. may be the most economical solution.

The entire organization of the company is focused and motivated to meet the product and service needs of our customers, so we believe that our main goal as a company is to build partnerships with our customers.

What we produce is just a consequence of this high level of integration that we have with our partners.
In a highly competitive market such as the Metalworking, we know that the confidence of our customers is a achievement for the quality and efficiency of our work and services.
With high-precision equipment and perform any type of part is possible, with the best quality.

The V.G.M. stands for: