The VGM performs all kinds of parts and accessories in the lathes and milling industry.

In what materials?

We work in Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Bronze, polyamides, etc …

We also perform welding services in the various types of materials.

We have a new manufacturing area, by market demand, we began working, with the branch of customization and restoration of motorcycles mainly choppers and racing bikes and 4 wheels, thus resulting in a new sector in VGM

We have building capacity of unique and exclusive pieces made under a rigorous and strict quality control.

Some examples:

  • Service lathe and milling, threading, grinding, etc …
  • Turning and repair accessories
  • Manufacture of accessories by measure
  • Execution of components according to the customer or sample requests
  • Crankshaft grinding services, drums, etc …
  • Welding services in crankcase’s, gears, boxes, etc …
  • Machining of small series

All kinds of work for:

  • Molds Sector
  • Textile Sector
  • Foundry Sector
  • Automotive Sector
  • Electricity Sector
  • Appliances Sector
  • Hardware Sector
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Carpentry Sector
  • Bikes Sector
  • Mopeds Sector
  • Metallurgy Sector in general